Beachbody Ultimate Reset Before And After Results

Beachbody Ultimate Reset – Review

My experience with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset is now complete! In some ways, it feels like it flew by and others it felt like an eternity. I started off already familiar with kale, quinoa and some of the other foods but was introduced to many new foods as well.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset – Review

My expectations going into this 3 week journey were as follows:

1.)  Not to lose too much weight.
2.)  Eliminate caffeine
3.)  Eliminate alcohol
4.)  Be more aware of snacking
5.)  Take my nutrition up another notch
6.).  Introduce more of a vegan diet
7.)   Reduce sugar and dairy
8.)  Continue with new healthy habits after complete and incorporate new vegan recipes

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Before And After Results

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Before And After Results

Not sure if the pictures show much difference but I could feel the change.

My Beachbody Ultimate Reset results:

I lost 8 pounds while being generous on my portions.   I think as a society, we all focus too much on calories and the number on the scale.   If we focus solely on eating non-processed foods and actual REAL food, we would be half way there.   The other-half is how we perceive “diets”, cleanses or a detox.   There is no such thing as a diet.   They aren’t meant to starve us, be short term or make us miserable.   If you are miserable with what you eat, trust me the weight won’t fall off like you may want.   It’s a process.   New habits aren’t formed overnight.   Its all about having the right mindset.   Being healthy is a LIFESTYLE not a fad or a 3 week fix.   What the Beachbody Ultimate Reset teaches you is how to form new habits, how healthy food can taste great and not come out of a box.


Beachbody Ultimate Reset Before and After Results

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Before and After Results

Live life, be healthy and don’t think you have to be a robot.  Splurge once in a while.   Just don’t make it the norm.

I don’t deprive myself of anything.  I eat food that tastes good and that is good for me.

What I learned:

You can get full on veggies and don’t need meat with every meal.
I didn’t die without caffeine.
I didn’t die without bananas.
Eating healthy DOES require more time but it very worth it from what you get back.
When I snack, many times it’s due to habit vs. my need to be fed.
I can form healthy habits the same way I can create bad ones.
Kale is great when steamed.
It was a lot of work that required numerous trips to the grocery store and planning.
I would rather make a few staple items like quinoa, broccoli and millet and have them for different dishes over the course of a few days than have a unique meal for every single meal.
I actually like drinking all of the supplements; especially the detox.
I’ve never felt “cleaner” in all of my life :-)
I wasn’t tired at night.
I missed working out.
Extra virgin olive oil is a great replacement for butter when making eggs.
I was reassured on the importance of nutrition.   It is the secret sauce to getting into great shape.   You can’t out work bad nutrition.
Wow, that’s a lot!  I guess I learned something!

My favorite meals:

Baked Tempeh
Toasted Millet
Avocado – Cucumber Soup
Fruit plate
Sweet Potato and Roasted Red Pepper Bisque
Tropical Strawberry Shakeology as a fruit plate replacement

Having a Vitamix made making the soups much easier.   That really turned out to be a great investment.

My least favorite meals:

Miso soup – It tasted ok but a little bland.  It also required a lot of prep time.  Beyond that I looked through the list of foods that I prepared through this process and I can say I liked them all.   Some less than others mainly due to extra prep to make them.

What’s Next?

Going forward I plan on using my experience doing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset to consume less animal protein, consume less caffeine and eat more veggies.   If you are ready to take the next step to better your health, consider going through the process.    Message me for more information on how to get started.   Beachbody put extensive research into forming the Ultimate Reset and it shows.

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